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Victor Lutsyuk


The unprecedented scale tragedy of September 11th 2001 awoke mankind from a lethargic dream of its invulnerability. The world started at a cold feeling of non-existence. Horror and fear before indefensibility caught like a fire the upper, richest part of mankind that seemed to be the most defensible yesterday.
It must be admitted that this world tragedy is a characteristic symptom of the current stage of human development in the third millenium. This stage is accompanied by the constant and considerable strengthening of the crucial phenomena: hanger, poverty, spiritual emptiness, destroyed psychics, incurable diseases, ecological disasters, slave trade, refined crime, terrorism, conflicts, destroying wars, an increasing real menace of a thermonuclear planetary conflict.
Many species of flora and fauna on the continents and in the World Ocean have extinguished, the ozone layer has been destroyed, the space around the earth is being polluted.
We are degrading, i. e. we have crossed the threshold where started the irreversible process of death of man as a biologic species! The civilization is confused! As never before mankind is facing the turning question of the world character: to live or to die.
Awareness of the inevitable death catalyses mans Intellect for seeking a way for its saving. Really, Mors creator vitae est   Death is a creator of life.
Studying the cause and effect process of the inevitable losses in people, terror, conflicts and wars has been the meaning of my life for years already. There are some concrete scientific results to solve this problem and I believe it important that they should be presented here in order to unite efforts in solving the problem at the original cause removal level.
The research has discovered the deeply complex character of forming the problem. Its sources start from the first steps of appearing and developing the live substance. They originate in the very essence of the live as the antientropic process, that is, in its constant, active action providing nonstop energy and substance exchange with the outer environment.
The revealed laws of the live substance sources enabled to figure out the main principle of its evolution, i.e. the cause making unicellular organisms to step up the evolutionary stairs arranging themselves into multicellular bodies at all levels while losing freedom and therefore becoming mortal. On the face of it, the above action in the live substance evolution seems to be a paradox a step in a wrong direction.
According to the scientific investigations of the live substance development laws, the direction of this evolutionary step was the only true one. For it is turned to realization of its highest and sole purpose: creation (by means of multicellular arrangement) of the intellectual function the highest, active form of mans self-saving instinct, and then becoming immortal again, but at a qualitatively higher level of its multicellular organization Homo Sapiens.
The scientific survey of the laws of the live substance sources allowed distinguishing the original cause of the irreversible process of losses in people, terror, conflicts and wars.
The conclusion has been drawn that all the general problems forming the irreversible process of mankinds death, terror, conflicts and wars are caused by one common thing imperfection of man as a biologic species in the energy and substance exchange with the environment, this imperfection being determined by the solely heterotrophic (animal) form of nutrition. The problems are as follows:
- socio-political (ways of accumulating and distributing means of subsisting,
                   common food above all);
- socio-ecomomic (ways of obtaining means of subsisting, common food above all,
                   money being their equivalent and measure);
- medico-biological (reasons of aging, incurable diseases, early senility and
                   premature death after 50-80);
- biocosmic (impossibility for  man to get beyond Earths limits for a long period of
                   time because of  his short lifes span, impossible provision of vitality with
                   traditional (heterotrophic) food and utilization of biowaste).
       It is important to emphasize that its man being imperfect in the energy and substance exchange with the environment who is the most aggressive, most predatory gastric creature in Nature. Being on the top of all the live food supplies, he has in fact exhausted them and conditioned the irreversible process of his own death and death of the whole biolife.
Meanwhile, those professionals who are trying to solve the problems of peoples death, terror, conflicts and wars are really fighting against their effects (not the cause), the level of this fight being the lowest the physical force.
Its a well-known fact that struggle against effects doesnt solve a problem, it only redoubles it with an irreversible loss of the highest values peoples lives and time. An ancient maxim says, Life is ruin when spent on fight against effects.
The latest events in the world and in the USA in particular prove the above very well and can become a prologue of the third world war and therefore a biological collapse.
This isnt a struggle of the civilizations as many people state. Theres no more localized groups of people on the planet aside from the engaging effect of the weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, chemical, bacteriological) today. Nor is this a struggle of the religions Christianity against Islam. The main goal of all religions is mans victory over death, not sowing it.
However many politicians believe the struggle against the world terrorism to be the main reason for the third world war to have burst out. And the war is on, the one against the effect again, the level being the lowest the physical force.
The sources of terror are known to be caused by disagreement of certain people, society groups and strata, a civilization about the policy of the powers that be, the disagreement being realized through violence. On the other hand, the object of disagreement, that is, policy, is also a form of violence that the powers that be use to accumulate and distribute means of subsisting beginning with food in the society. Moreover, the main tool of policy is economy that itself is a violent way to obtain means of subsisting (common food above all), money being its equivalent and measure.
Hence, there is a nonstop struggle between the two forces for means of subsisting according to the following principle: to take away by all means on the one hand, and to defend also by all means, on the other. The strongest wins the struggle. This struggle and the principle are characterized by the animal level of survival, man being on the its top as the most cunning, aggressive, predatory, gastric creature.
The unnatural use of mans physical force (violence) as the main means in the process of providing vitality at the current stage of mans evolution is determined by the following:
I. A very low level of the modern mans development as biological species.
            This can be proved by the generally accepted level of use of modern mans Intellect making no more than 2%. In fact its mans efficiency in the interactions with the environment the source of Life. It shows the superhigh level of anthropogennic pressure on the environment while getting means of subsisting  - food (98% of the totally applied force), as well as the reason and rate of the catastrophic biosphere pollution. All this characterizes mans imperfection in the energy and substance exchange with the biosphere and, therefore, mans inevitable death. The modern mans imperfection is mainly caused by his bifurcation between two evolutionary stages, i. e., between two levels of his perfection. Its these stages that determine (by the principal of proximity)  methods and approaches of providing mans vitality:
            -    the previous stage: the primitive but cunning man occupying the highest circle of                          the animal world thanks to the formed intellectual function;
            -   the following stage: Man of Intellect, Homo Sapiens, Man of Universe whose    intellectual function will be used to 100%.
So modern man has overcome only 2% of his evolutionary way of ascent between the two joint evolutionary stages. The specific feature of this way is continuity in the energy and substance exchange and therefore in the methods of its achievement between man and animal.
This continuity is confirmed by both anthropologic (body physiology) and functional (reproduction, nutrition) relativity between man and animal.
II. Action of two natural contradictions:
            -   the contradiction caused by action of the antientropic principle of development of the live substance.
             In accordance with this principle the live substance whose vitality is provided through the process of the constant getting food (from birth to death, from morning to night) must naturally have minimum waste of its inner energy. The inner energy of the live substance, its every biological system must naturally and permanently be accumulated in order to realize the main function of everything living reproduction. This contradiction causes one of the most villainous human sins laziness and, therefore, crime as unlawful action of misappropriating of somebody elses (obtained from Nature by other peoples labor) means of subsisting, food above all. It is manifested in different shapes: from fraud, all level corruption to violence, either individual, group, or national. Laziness is also a drag in mans perfection and inevitably gives birth to such human sins as arrogance, envy, anger, dishonesty;
             -    the contradiction of the conflict between the reproduction instinct (the main      function of  the live substance) and the need in space and food. This crucial and irreconcilable contradiction is the one between freedom and necessity.
The above law was mentioned by Thomas Maltus as far back as1789. He demonstrated natural consequences of this contradiction. According to the independent laws the population is increased in the geometric progression while getting means of subsisting (food above all) in arithmetic. The given disproportion is removed through the laws of Nature (hunger, cold, diseases, epidemics) and by means of social actions (such as poverty, slavery, violence, conflicts, wars). In fact, the war is a regular process of natural selection within the limits of the unique, functionally unbalanced, and, hence, imperfect biological species Homo Gastros Faber (man as master of stomach) due to the animal world  features: aggression and rapacity. Moreover, representatives of Homo Sapiens would always be killed first.

 The entire tragedy of human history is on the way to getting food. Thats why violence, conflicts and wars have been accompanying mankind for the whole span of existence. In addition to that, man directs his activities only on perfection of tools of death expanding their destructive power and continuously increases the distance from the victim. The human tragedy started from the time of palaeolith when a man used a bone for the first time to kill his fellow tribesman while dividing food. The tragedy scaled up constantly through usage of more perfected means of death: a sharpened rock, spears, bows and arrows, fire arms of diverse action and power.
The XX century has become epochal for man due to testing of the most monstrous war tool nuclear, and further chemical, bacteriological, psychotropic. Its this circumstance that has become terminal in defining the status for the further interdependent development of mankind as united earth civilization.
Thus everything living in Nature, Man including, irrespective of skin color, religion and nationality has the same mechanism of providing with vital power. It is realized only through a permanent, active action of every individual to supply continuity of his energy and substance exchange with the environment, that is through constant getting access to the feeding trough. So at all stages of evolution of live substance from a unicellular to man, access to the feeding niche, and hence the right to live, were achieved and are achieved today in a rough competitive struggle and indispensable violence.
Individuals, families, societies, civilizations, and the rest life inevitably die when deprived of access to food supply.
Modern analysis of providing earth people with life power taking into account the real distribution of means of subsisting (food supply) on the planet evidences that 1 billion people on the planet  (the population of the developed countries) owned almost 83% of the planet product in 1989. The rest 4 billions - 17% The population of the planet was 5 billion people in 1989. These data were contained in the final document of the 1992 UN Conference on environment and development in Rio-De-Janeiro. Today the same one billion possesses already nearly 90% of the planet product while the rest 5.5 billion people only 10 %. The population of the earth was 6.5 billion people in 2000.
So the hypereccentric redistribution of the planet product deprived 5.5 billion people of the earth of access to the food trough, i. e. the right to live. This has determined the catastrophically unbalanced state of the earth civilization that is now found on the edge of a social explosion the world thermonuclear war, and therefore a biological collapse.
Its necessary to emphasize that both biological (live substance) and social (family, society, civilization) systems may reach the balanced development only through the condition of access of every individual to the means of subsisting, food supply above all.
Therefore the main cause of the started third world war the war of the XXI century is as old as the world. It has fired all wars in the bloody history of mankind redistribution of means of subsisting, food in the first place, in fact, its 10% remainder today.
The real force of man as a biologic species characterizing his qualitative difference from the animal world is evolutionarily formed and functionally manifested only through the function of Intellect the only essential and sufficient condition for realization of the self-saving principle of the live substance.
To prevent the irreversible process of the civilization downfall, violence, conflicts, and wars, mankind has the only way the one of Intellectual force through conscious awareness of the tragedy and active removal of its original cause.
This chance can be embodied only through opening a principally new, but natural, genetic (at the cellular level), inexhaustible food niche, i.e. the autotrophic nutrition after Vernadskiy as the only warranty of survival of unlimited number of people on the planet.
This condition having been performed, the earth civilization will reach its steady development for the first time, and there wont be any terror, conflicts or wars then.
So opening a principally new unexhausted food niche that is a natural, evolutionary, qualitative leap will witness mans discovery of a qualitatively new, active stage in the evolution of the live substance the noosphere after Vernadskiy.
This conscious, active, revolutionary leap to the following qualitatively highest evolutionary stage of the live substance will give man unlimited liberty allowing to use 100% of his Intellectual function and therefore acquire unlimited abilities for his endless development in time and space of the Universe responding to the Truth.
Mans victory over death i.e. discovery of the active stage in the live evolution is predetermined at the level of purpose of the live as an antientropy process the basis of the live substance evolution. It was crystallized while accumulating by Man the maximum Knowledge as the only essential and sufficient condition for its realization.
The victory of mans Intellect over death as his main imperfection predicted by N.F. Fyodorov, developed into a scientific and social thought by K.E. Tsiolkovskiy, V.F. Kuprevich and V.K. Vinnichenko, scientifically proved as a natural evolutionary inevitability by academician V.I. Vernadskiy, and designed as a modern scientific Conception of Active Evolution is a natural, evolutionary and only way to solve the problems of mans death, terror, conflicts and wars already at the current stage of the XXI century.
The scientific Conception of Active Evolution is applied with the research project The Autotrophic Natural and Genetic Nutrition is a Way to Save the Civilization designed at a biochemical and genetic level. According to this project, the process of mans active evolution, that is a qualitative evolutionary leap is actually realized through a qualitative change of his energy and substance exchange of the live substance with the environment within the limits of the live substance evolution.
Its important to mention that the scientific project The Autotrophic Natural and Genetic Nutrition is a Way to Save the Civilization agrees with the most considerable discovery of the XXI century in the field of biology the discovery of autotrophic animals. Thus the evolutionary chain of the live substance has closed. Nature itself has taken care of saving alive witnesses the autotrophic animals as the most important part in the united evolutionary chain of the live substance. It therefore gives us a prompting and confirmation of a really possible transmission of man as a biological species to the autotrophic nutrition the only chance for his survival.
The change of the energy and substance exchange of man as a self-managing and self-restoring biosystem will naturally and inevitably bring him to the evolutionary effect functional perfection and achievement of harmony: both inner (soul and body) and outer (with biosphere). Man will also undergo some qualitative changes at the anthropological level, as follows:
- the qualitative level of Intellect will sharply rise and be used to 100%;
- the quantitative show of physiologic reproductive function will considerably reduce;
- Lifes continuity will increase to a large extent.
The autotrophic natural and genetic nutrition will become the only and reliable way of healing diseases of the century since it will except the cause of their forming and development.
For the first time there will be a chance for the active and considerable renewing of the body in accordance with the new evolutionary continuity of mans life that will increasingly overrise the present one.
As never before, mankind today is on the steepest mortal curve of its development. The civilized world knows this bitter truth. But unfortunately, no constructive suggestions to save the situation came from either the UN level, or the Helsinki process, or the Rome Club, or the national academies! The started third world war, the war of the XXI century being in the same chain of the cause and effect process as all wars beginning with the time of paleolith is a confirmation to this. It has the only correction for the present - the improved tools of murder of all the live at the planet level.
The present project The Autotrophic Natural and Genetic Nutrition is a Way to Save the Civilization is a real suggestion to prevent the forthcoming tragedy of mankind, terror, conflicts and wars and it demands an urgent and most human realization while theres some time left.
The realization of the project costs less than half as much as one flying rocket that didnt explode by a lucky chance at the maternity hospital
The result expected from the project Autotrophic Bread is a New Food Niche of Mankind belongs to the entire mankind and hence must have neither national, nor state boundary. Every person irrespective of his skin color and religion with no exception will have the right for free access to the new natural and genetic food niche and therefore to the immortality of his biologic species.
Thus the live substance evolutionary field has been ploughed by mans awareness of his inevitable death. It is time to sow saving seeds of Autotrophic Bread now the endless field of the Active Evolution.
Theres no other way to save mankind and Earths biosphere our common home in the live space of the Universe!
I would be happy to meet people who have the same views on solving the problem of the irreversible process of mankinds death, terrorism, conflicts and wars at the level of removing its original cause through joint realization of the scientific project The Autotrophic Natural Genetic Nutrition is a Way to Save the Civilization.

Sincerely Yours,
Victor Lutsyuk,
Leader of the scientific project
The Autotrophic Natural Genetic Nutrition is a Way to Save the Civilization
Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
75 Khrustalev Street, Apt.2
Sevastopol, 99040, Ukraine.
l.: (0692) 441-158

E-mail: slovo@bios.iuf.net

December 11th, 2001

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